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I wasn't one of those students at school who could memorise and recite whole passages, declaim texts as a parrot repeats words. Probably a good thing, because the achievement of flawless repetition would have occluded attempts to have the brain engage with what words actually mean, and think, not just speak. But even if I couldn't remember the exact content of a text, its style left a mark. Good prose that makes for pleasant reading, and the transfer of information, is a wonderful thing. 

I came across this entry about the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier, and events around its evolution as the centenary of WWI approaches. A great entry in itself, it linked to former Prime Minister Keating's eulogy for the Unknown Soldier in 1993. And that is a wonderful text. Fascinating, to see the story told, and place it takes in the fabric of national memory and social legend.

I probably won't remember the text of the eulogy itself, but I shall certainly remember the sentiment and feelings it evoked in me, and that's what will prompt me to come back to it, at any point in the future.
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