Monday, 8 December 2014

littlemsmack: (I'll Find You)
I began to think that the first step toward seeing the end is to come to terms with what it means to be right in the middle."

From this NYT op ed piece, "When is a War Over?"

It's the closing sentence, and aside the really interesting perspective the writer brings to the value of history, of storytelling, of learning from what has gone before throughout the piece, this sentence makes me want to stop and reflect on the PhD process. I've been busy panicking about the approaching end - dismissing questions of "what will you do after?" -with rejoinders that I'm too busy trying to write to even THINK about the end...but perhaps I do need to pause. See the trees and the wood - the PhD's not just the final written output, it's the journey as well (yup, trying for as many cliches as I can get into this sentence) and perhaps I really can't write the end, if I'm not sure about what's in the middle, and what being in the middle means.

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