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 At work, I am now the "gender" person. In the daily trawl through the world of internet information, if something (blog, article, advert, news, reviews) contains the words "gender" or "women", it usually gets shot over to me for my information, interest, or use. It's been fairly depressing lately, as a lot of things which have made issues have been the sexual harassment/assault/abuse issues within the American military.

Today was different, instead, I got a blog post about recruitment, and unconscious bias. It's perhaps what is at the heart of gender studies - that whilst society and our world at large is now pretty quick to point out transgressions, and leap on the bandwagon of outrage and indignation, many people are actually blithely unaware of the unconscious bias in the social fabric itself.

No idea what I'm talking about? This was what I was emailed today, framed specifically with regards to (female) recruitment into the engineering sector, a stereotypically/traditionally male industry, and the follow up advice that addresses the argument of "change what you can, accept what you can't...or influence it all".

And now, back to the my regular schedule of PhD-ing.
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